About Orange Bartending School

About Orange Bartending School

Orange Bartending School is dedicated to helping people earn a VERY comfortable living as working Bartenders. The thing that sets our Bartending School apart from all other Bartending Schools is we guarantee you work, we educate you properly, we are dedicated and we work 7 days per week to ensure everyone is being served well and reaching their potential.

The Owner of the Orange Bartending School, Nate Smiley, has been teaching people to bartend for nearly 2 decades. With a Graduate Degree in Business, and nearly 20 years of bartending experience, he has mastered the teaching methods for helping students gain the knowledge they need to become extremely successful.

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Knowledge is Key

Our bartending classes are designed to teach our students everything they need to know. The more knowledge our graduates have the easier it is for us to place you in a job immediately. Every graduate wanting to work, goes to work a few days after graduation.

For real bartending courses with a 100% Money Back Guarantee you will be provided jobs and you will work please contact us or stop by for a tour.

Bar lady preparing cocktails and pouring alcohol into the glasses

Bartending is a very lucrative job. I went to National Bartending School of Orange. The owner helped me find a job in Newport Beach shortly afterwords. I am very excited to work part time and make the same money I was making full time.The school lived up to the expectations I had of them. Kelly B. Newport Beach, CA

Every student receives is the attention they need to become successful. Our bartending courses are set up to help you reach your goals, of course! More importantly, the staff and the owner of the Orange location are knowledgeable and helpful. Anything from learning how to pour an Old Fashion to Networking with the right people in the industry to find the best jobs available.

We offer a free tour of the school. Please come in and see what we are offering. The best way to choose a bartending school is to visit with the school so you may decide for yourself whether it is a good choice. We think you will be thrilled to see our awesome setup. There is no appointment necessary but if you would like to make an appointment we will be happy to assist you.

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