What’s The Scoop?

Whats the Scoop

What’s the Scoop

with bartending and a career in bartending? There is so many opportunities for bartenders. Many bartenders are younger, older, tall, slim, thick, and it really is a multicultural job. Oftentimes we are asked if we teach people how to bartend when they know nothing about alcohol, or they do not drink. the answer is yes! They politely reply with “whats the scoop?”

Bartenders Get Benefits

Many jobs are available where bartenders get benefits. Most major hotel chains like Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, and the Sheraton offer benefits after 90 days of employment. Oftentimes, casinos, large corporations such as Landry’s will offer benefits. Another excellent benefit is the cash one earns as a bartender. Tips are the way most bartenders make their living. We have graduates making $33.00 per hour plus tips at high end establishments in Southern California. After a short period of time it is possible for nearly anyone desiring a position in higher end establishments to reach their goals. The owner of Orange Bartending School will work with you until you reach your goals.

Bartending is For Me

Time and time again we hear people reflect as we are speaking to them on the phone about our program. They say “I am not sure bartending is for me.” We agree that bartending is not for everyone but most people would be very happy with being a bartender as long as they are able to stoop, crouch, and be on their feet for a few hours. Most bars have rubber mats and those mats are a life saver. the mats provide cushion for the feet. The mats really make it feel like you never even worked on your feet at the end of your shift. When you ask yourself if “bartending is for me” and you are not sure, please give us a call and we can help you come up with an answer by asking you a few questions. We are always objective about helping our potential students find the answers they need.

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What's The Scoop About Bartending?
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What's The Scoop About Bartending?
What's the Scoop with bartending and a career in bartending? There is so many opportunities for bartenders. Employment in world class resorts and casinos, employee discounts, and working for tips are just a few of the incredible benefits.