Bartending Schools Nationwide

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Bartending Schools Nationwide

are in a huge conundrum. At the time of this writing I believe all states except California over govern their “low hour” vocational schools. The large amount of red tape involved in changing anything at a low hour vocational school in other states is unbelievable. All bartending schools nationwide must spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to change any part of their curriculum.

Why Does Over Governing Bartending Schools Matter So Much

I am glad you asked.. Lets make up a name for a chain of nationwide bartending schools. How about something easy, “Bartending Schools Nationwide”. Excellent, we now have a name and I am able to start explaining this complex problem.


Bartending Schools Nationwide

The name I chose for the owner of Bartending Schools Nationwide is Mark. So Mark starts out working for a gentleman that starts up bartending schools in the early 70’s. Mark learns a large amount about the business. He decides to branch out, move to another state and open his first bartending school. In the 70’s most bars and restaurants serve the average Cape Cod, Gin and Tonic, Whisky on the rocks, and similar drinks. The drinks in the 70’s were much more simple to mix. Therefore, Mark could teach everything a bartender needed to know in about 30 or 40 hours.

Mark Starts Opening Bartending Schools

Mark does well with his venture and opens a second school. Not many bartending schools exist at that time so Mark is making really good money. As time progresses, Mark opens more schools. Consequently, learning that running a few bartending schools is very complicated and time consuming. He opens up bartending schools and sells 50% of each school to someone who wants to own and operate a profitable business. Mark is shrewd at business and repeats this process across the nation. In the end, Mark has about 180 Bartending Schools Nationwide and is a millionaire.

If Its Not Broke Don’t Fix It

For the next 40 years Mark makes great money. He owns a mansion, a large yacht, houses all over the United States and life is great! Unfortunately, the consumer suffers because Mark has the mentality “If its not broke don’t fix it.” In short, society progresses into much more complex cocktails. Nonetheless, Mark keeps teaching the same stagnant curriculum at his schools. He sees no need to systematically present a new curriculum to governing agencies. Mark’s mantra is “Who cares about the student, all I care about is enrollments.”

Reputation of Bartending Schools

The thought of having to go in front of 50 state agencies and increase his curriculum every three to five years overwhelms Mark. He does change his curriculum two or three times out of absolute necessity. Other bartending schools open, have a better curriculum than Mark’s bartending schools, and became approved. Whenever Mark loses money to a competitor he wakes up and does something about it. In contrast, if there is no threats to his Bartending Schools Nationwide he merely glides along taking people’s money and placing very few graduates (this is the reason the reputation of bartending schools suffers to this day).

Outdated Curriculum

Because all of their websites and advertising is done on a national level, many of the bartending schools nationwide cannot change their old and outdated curriculum. It would not be good for business if an Orange County Bartending School taught for 100 hours and a bartending school in Los Angeles County taught for 40 hours under the same brand. This would be viewed as inconsistent and unorganized. Additionally, most prospective Los Angeles County students would probably not attend the Los Angeles County Bartending School and they would drive to the Orange County Bartending School.

Orange Bartending School

Orange Bartending School is a National Bartenders School but we have the best of both worlds. Along with National Bartenders School of Riverside and National Bartenders School of Lakewood/Long Beach, we increased our training. Ten years ago in Riverside we increased the Bartending Classes to include everything a bartender needs to know to work as a bartender in an establishment that serves spirits. We train you for 100-Hours.

We are in California and independently owned and operated. Therefore, we have the ability to adjust our curriculum to fit the requests of owners and managers. That in itself gives Orange Bartending School the ability to teach our students to run the bar in a high-volume environment the first day they bartend. The three National Bartenders Schools in Southern California doing the right thing! We treat the consumer like we want to be treated. It is simple, the GOLDEN RULE.

The Business Side of Bartending

Furthermore, our graduates are high-volume bartenders with alcohol awareness certification, POS training, food and wine pairing, beer pouring, keg tapping, C02 system diagnosis, and most of all, our graduates learn the business side of bartending. The business side of bartending is a necessity. Specifically, our graduates are well informed on the topics of sales, customer service, and cleanliness. During job placement, we teach you the several parts of sales. Knowing how to sell effectively and efficiently makes our graduates the most sought after graduates of any bartending schools nationwide. The art of up-selling and high volume bartending will be a feather in your cap. By all means, you will be an excellent profit outlet at your first bartending job. Finally, we continue to mentor our graduates to ensure upward progression in the bartending industry.