Certified Bartenders

A certified bartender adding the final touch

Certified Bartenders and the Benefits in California.

Certified Bartenders are becoming more sought after in California. Additionally, A growing percentage of general liability insurance companies supplying insurance for restaurants, clubs, bars, catering companies, sports parks, amphitheaters and other large venues require a bartending certification before the establishment is permitted to let you bartend.

Making Relationships

Certifying with a reputable bartending school is important for future employment. Certainly, Orange Bartending School is dedicated to training our students to be professional bartenders. After 20 years of helping people become certified bartenders we have it nailed. Furthermore, the owner of Orange Bartending School has spent years and years making relationships with companies that need bartenders. He has listened to companies and received feedback about what skills graduates need to become an asset to a bar. As a result, Orange Bartending School is the “go to” for many Orange County bars. The list keeps growing regularly.

Knowledge is Most Important

Becoming a certified bartender is great but knowledge is most important. It saddens us to see many Bartending Schools “Certifying Bartenders” and the knowledge they have when they graduate is not enough to run a bar. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure the following is included in any bartending certification program you attend:

  • At Least 100 Hours of Training Behind a Real Bar with Real Equipment
  • Point of Sale Training (electronic touch screen registers)
  • Alcohol Awareness Certification (not just training but certification)
  • Beer Pouring, Keg Tapping, and Layered Beers
  • Food and Wine Pairing
  • Building a Perfect Resume with You
  • Showing You How to Interview Perfectly
  • Direct Phone Number to Seasoned Placement Person, 7 days a week
  • Continued Support from the School
  • Continued Support from Placement to Help You Find Better and Better Jobs
  • Nationwide Job Placement Assistance and Refresher Courses for Life

In addition, our Bartending Certification is valid in all 50 States.

Last, certified bartenders are making $35 an hour and above at many companies we deal with. Some bartenders pull in $100 and hour in tips. Orange Bartending School teaches every student how to reach their goals in the bartending industry.

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