Fast and Easy Bartending Schools

Fast and Easy Bartending Schools are not the answer

Fast and Easy Bartending Schools

A huge problem for establishments hiring bartenders

Fast and easy bartending schools typically sell the prospective student on “becoming certified” in as little as a week but the average is two weeks. So lets do the math! If you go to bartending class at night from 6 PM to 10 PM, Monday through Friday you will accumulate 20 hours per week. Unfortunately, most schools do not tell their prospective students that Fridays are test days. The actual students sits around watching other students test. If you remove the 8 hours of “watching others test” you actually only receive 32 hours of training.

By the way, I should mention I have heard at fast and easy bartending schools, if you do not pass your first test on the first Friday, you have to wait two weeks to retest. Similarly, the final test on the second Friday has the same rules. In my humble opinion this is not the right thing to do. From personal conversations, graduates from Fast and Easy Bartending Schools feel that treatment is unreasonable and immoral.

Is 40 Hours of Training Enough to Become a Bartender

The general consensus from seasoned bartenders, savvy managers, and restaurateurs is 40 hours of training is not enough. Any way you slice 40 hours of training it simply is not enough time for an owner or a manager to have faith you will be profitable.

The bar is the most profitable part of a restaurant. ITS SERIOUS BUSINESS. If a person graduates from Fast and Easy Bartending School and loses $6000.00 in gross sales their first week. I dont think the owner or the manager will be hiring from Fast and Easy Bartending School again.

Fast and Easy Bartending Schools are not the answer

Orange Bartending School

We make it a top priority to ensure that our graduates a well trained. Consequently, our school maintains a GREAT REPUTATION with the bars we deal with. We want long-term relationships and bars repetitively hiring from Orange Bartending School. Our whole business model is based on EVERY graduate immediately becoming employed as a bartender and maintaining excellent relationships in the service industry. This ensures every graduate is successful.

Students may use the school to build their hours whenever we are open. Our talented instructors will work with you one-on-one as much as you need. Orange Bartending School:

  • Is committed to each student from day one for life, literally
  • Has current relationships with students who graduated 19 years ago
  • Keeps in touch every so often with graduates as they progress through the service industry

It is amazing what our graduates accomplish. Come and visit us at the Orange location. We would be happy to show you around. You can hang out and get to know us.