Increasing Sales as a Bartender

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Increasing Sales as a Bartender

Increasing sales as a bartender is the most important part of your job. Lets do some analysis for increasing sales as a bartender. Once hired as a bartender, you start your first bartending job and it seems surreal. You are serving customers, remembering the standard 200 cocktails most people order, and wondering how to impress your boss. The quicker you impress your boss the larger your foundation is. You will keep your bartending job. You will also gain the respect of your boss and co-workers if you are on your “A” game. Bartending not pretending is a life style and an understanding. The better you bartend, the more money you make short term and long term. Additionally, you will make larger profits for your employers.

Several Ways to Increase Bar Sales

There is several ways to increase bar sales. Marketing your shifts, increasing your product knowledge, becoming fast and fluid behind the wood (the bar), and memorizing the names of your regulars. Remember what they drink and eat on a regular basis. Increasing sales as a bartender requires bartenders always have a fun time, laugh, tell jokes, and really get to know their customers.

our one-on-one training teaches you how to make these drinks and more.

Before your First Bartending Shift

It is very important that you know some basics about your establishment. You should study any and all menus associated with your bartending job. Oftentimes, if you are hired in a Type 47 (restaurant with a full bar) you will be required to know the food menus they are serving. In addition, it is important to know your 200 standard cocktails, and the signature drink menu. Please know all the beer and wine the bar or restaurant carries. In a Type 48 (bar with no food or very little food), signature drinks are very important. You should memorize the Signature drinks. In Type 48’s it is especially relevant to remember your customer’s name and what they are drinking.

My First Day Bartending

My first day bartending and I forgot everything Orange Bartending School has taught me. Just relax and remember a few things. The first thing you should do is check to see if you have bottled beer on ice (if you work at a bar that ). If you need to put beer on ice, do it straight away. Next, what is the expected business? Do I have enough cash in the POS system or cash register to give change to customers. Immediately after that, you are checking your garnishes to see what needs to be prepared to handle the business.

In California at most restaurants and bars, I would cut at least three or four times the limes as I would cut lemons. Most bartenders go through limes to lemons 4:1. Of course that is not always the case but it is the case the majority of the time.

Unless I work in a restaurant or a bar using a ton of oranges to garnish craft beers, I only cut oranges as needed.

I make sure I have green olives, maraschino cherries, lemons, and limes in my garnish tray. It is VERY important to keep garnishes fresh! I have met bartenders, owners, managers, and servers who rarely wash their garnish trays.  They will serve garnishes several days old, YUCK!  Another habit is to take the garnish tray and clean it out with soap and water before every shift. Follow up with sanitizer so all germs are killed. I refill the tray with fresh garnishes mentioned above. Treat your customers as you would want to be treated and you will be fine.