Bartending Coursework

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Our Bartending Coursework

Our bartending coursework is put together in such a way that you receive 100-hours of individual bartending training ensuring that you become a high-volume bartender. Additionally, upon graduation you are guaranteed a job in the industry. While there are many reasons to attend, our Bartending Coursework, sets us apart from the others.

The Top 3 Reasons to Attend Orange Bartending School:

  1. Most noteworthy is our 100 – hr comprehensive and unparalleled training;
  2. One-on-One flexible class schedules; and,
  3. Most importantly, a guaranteed bartending job upon successful graduation.

The Bartending Coursework

In contrast to other schools, we offer a 100-hour curriculum that is totally flexible to your schedule.  Because we train you to become a high volume bartender, and our extensive relationships within the industry, upon graduation you are guaranteed to get a job.

At this point, you must be curious and interested in exploring this incredible opportunity.

Well don’t delay and call us today.

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When you call us, one of our experienced and friendly representatives will address all of your questions and concerns.

We Need 5 Minutes To Explain:

The overall program, cost, and financing options.

That’s right! Contact us and in 5-minutes without any pressure or obligation you will be given the opportunity to unlock the barrier to financial freedom that comes with our Bartending Certification.

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Lastly, but of no less importance, there are quite a few more things you will learn as a student at Orange Bartending School.

Our bartending coursework teaches you how to make drinks in a high volume atmosphere

  • Certification in Bartending (over 180 cocktails)
  • Certification in Alcohol Awareness
  • POS training (Electronic Touch Screen Cash Registers)
  • Preparing Garnishes During and Before Your Shift
  • How to Pair Wine
  • Beer Pouring Programs from Guinness and Budweiser
  • Preparing the Bar Before Your Shift
  • Closing the Bar and Cleanliness
  • Free Pouring and Transfer Pouring
  • High Volume Pouring
  • In Depth Customer Service for Bartenders
  • Controlling Inventory to Increase Profits
  • Resume Building and Interviewing Techniques
  • Job Placement with the Owner
  • Post Graduate Support from the Owner and the School
  • Lifetime Membership to Our School
  • Lifetime Job Placement
  • Also, Access To An Owner Who Answers his Phone 7 Days a Week
  • Because, The Owner Provides each Graduate His Cell Number
Orange Bartending School
Bartending Coursework
Bartending Coursework
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Orange Bartending School,
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Bartending School and Bartender Training
Our Bartending Coursework consists of many great reasons to attend Orange Bartending School: 100-hr program, flexible course schedule, and a guaranteed job.