Bartending Jobs Guaranteed

Bartending Jobs

You Will Be Offered Bartending Jobs When You Graduate!

Bartending Jobs Guaranteed?

Simply put, bartending jobs are guaranteed because we are very well connected with several hundred employers throughout the service industry. Owners and managers hire from us at hundreds of locations because our bartending classes teach our students everything they need to know to run a bar in a high volume environment.

Bartending Jobs are Plentiful

With our school bartending jobs are plentiful and available after graduation. The Owner of the school works with each graduate individually, 1 on 1, to ensure excellent service to our graduates. We have a long list of graduates working at restaurants, bars, clubs, event companies, stadiums, and amphitheaters.

We are the first bartending school to offer a 100% money back guarantee (We Offer You Jobs Upon Graduation or We Give You Your Money Back). The reason this is very important is it is a ZERO risk proposition for you as the consumer. You either go  to work bartending or you get your money back!

If you are not making $30.00 per hour you need to give us a call! Our average graduate makes $35.00 per hour at their first job and many of our graduates are making $75.00 an hour after bartending for a few months.

Our bartending school believes in being transparent and we will show you a list of recent and past graduates who are working, where they are working, and what opportunities you will have once you graduate. The owner of Orange Bartending School has been placing graduates in bartending jobs for 20 years. He has a system for placing graduates in bartending jobs immediately upon graduation.

We have changed many people’s lives with our program! If you would like to visit the school and let us show you how we may help you become a rocking bartender please visit us or call us.

Orange Bartending School (National Bartenders School of Orange)

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If a Bartending School is not willing to Guarantee you work, in writing, they are likely not placing many graduates (less than 20%). We guarantee jobs in Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County. Nationwide Job Placement rates are above 90% annually. If we do not offer you a job within 14 days of your job placement appointment we will refund 100% of the money you paid us. No hassle, no gimmicks, no BS.

Successful and employed graduates of Orange Bartending School