Bartending School in Irvine

Bartending School in Irvine

Bartending School in Irvine?

Currently there is no bartending school in Irvine. Orange Bartending School is the only bartending school in the nation that guarantees jobs and we are a few miles from Irvine. There is something to be happy about Irvine! We guarantee you jobs or your money back. Our guarantee reaches into the four counties of Southern California. It includes the counties of Orange, LA, San Bernardino, and Riverside. We also have a 96% rate for job placement assistance on a nationwide basis.

Bartending Jobs in Irvine

Bartending Jobs in Irvine are plentiful. With the proper bartending classes and a bartending course containing 100-hours, we train you to be the best in the industry. Our program includes everything one needs to know to do high-volume bartending the day they graduate. The bartending classes we offer were designed by owners and managers that turn big profits in the industry year after year. If there were a bartending school in Irvine we feel strongly you should come and visit with us so you ma see the difference for yourself.

Irvine contains some of the nicest bars in Orange County and we make it our job to know how to get you jobs at those restaurants and bars. There is over 100 restaurants and bars serving spirits in the city of Irvine. With only 39 graduates from Irvine last year the outlook for bartending jobs in Irvine is excellent. We help our grauduates ger jobs in The Spectrum and many other places in Irvine. The owner of Orange Bartending School does job placement with you personally, one-on-one, to ensure you are working as a bartender and finding jobs immediately upon graduation.

Our Risk Free School

Our risk free school is designed to help everyone who enrolls feel confident about their decision. Whether its a bartending school in Irvine or Anaheim, if they do not guarantee you a job it is a huge risk. Forego the risk and use the best! Orange Bartending School is here to incorporate our decades of experience, making your experience seamless.

Our staff is awesome and they would love to give you a free tour anytime we are open. Touring a school before you make a monetary decision is a must. Online enrollment is a great idea but it only makes sense to see the school and meet the staff before you decide to proceed.