Bartending School in Yorba Linda

Bartending School in Yorba Linda

Bartending School in Yorba Linda?

Currently there is no high-volume bartending school in Yorba Linda. Orange Bartending School is definitely the choice for Orange County. Our bartending school boasts a 2000 square foot facility with all the comforts a school should offer. In addition, we have a real bar with real equipment and real bottles in our fully stocked bar. Currently there is not a bartending school in Yorba Linda but Orange is just a few minutes away (9.5 miles).

Orange Bartending School

Orange Bartending School is at the 55 FWY and Chapman in the city of Orange. Our 100-hour bartender training and instruction is the reason why owners and managers hire from our school. It makes sense, if you are a really fast and efficient bartender from day one at your new job, management will take a liking to you. Conversely, with 30-40 hours of training, most owners and managers have given up on hiring from those schools. The bartender is the most profitable person working in the restaurant or bar. The more the bartender knows the faster they are and the more they sell. The more the bartender sells, the more profit the bar or the restaurant makes.

We Hire From Orange Bartending School

Managers and Owners: We hire from Orange Bartending School – The quality of the bartender is incomparable to that of any bartending schools we have hired from – With a couple of days of internal training the graduates from Orange Bartending School are running the bar during busy times – The sales at the end of the night are on point – The “business side of the service industry” they are taught at Orange Bartending School is exactly what a manager needs – They know point of sales, beer, wine, a couple of hundred cocktails, all methods of pouring – most of all they are taught exactly what I need from them to make my bar or restaurant profitable.

Bartending Jobs Guaranteed

Orange Bartending School has a “bartending jobs guaranteed” policy. If we do not offer you bartending jobs, or bartending work upon graduation we will refund 100% of the money you payed to attend our school. This is simple, its in writing right here. We are the only school guaranteeing jobs because we want the consumer to know we are a no BS, quality bartending school, and we have integrity. We want you to get a job as a bartender so you will tell your friends and family we are real, we care, and we are hard working people.

Feel free to visit with us anytime we are open and we will be happy to give you a free tour of our school. Our staff is very friendly and dress code is casual.