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Our Bartending School Links

The bartending school links page is an informational page. We will be adding more bartending school links as time progresses. Please contact us if you would like to have your bartending school specific link added. Please check back with our bartending school links page often for more information about some of the cities we serve in Orange County.

Finding the Right Bartending School

Finding the right bartending school and being able to compare the differences between schools is very important. Many of these bartending school links will be informative, funny, edgy, and even a bit crazy at times. We are just real people stating some facts and opinions about our industry and the cities we serve.

Our Bartending School Guarantees Jobs

Our Mantra is “Put your money where your mouth is”. Our bartending school guarantees jobs or 100% of the money you paid to go to school is refunded to you. We have never written a check to anyone because we are able to place every graduate in a bartending job. The reason we guarantee jobs is we are a legitimate bartending school with tons of connections. We have our graduates earning money in a week or two. Oftentimes our graduates are making money a day or two after they graduate. We do not recommend anyone take a chance of going to a bartending school that does not guarantee you work. We guarantee work in OC, LA, and the IE. Our nationwide job placement is at a 96% job placement rate. The bottom line is we do not waste your time with empty promises.

Communities We Serve

The communities we serve are extremely important to us. We feel it is only appropriate to give a shout out to these great cities in Bartending School Links. As we indicated above, this is a work in progress and we will be adding cities in Orange County over time.

Bartending Jobs Guaranteed


Our Graduates Get Jobs, We Guarantee It.


Guaranteed or Your Money Back!!!