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Anaheim Bartending School

versus Orange Bartending School. Please read the several reasons to choose Orange Bartending School versus an Anaheim Bartending School. We are right next door to Anaheim and we guarantee bartending jobs or we will refund 100% of your money.

National Bartenders School

Orange Bartending School is a National Bartenders School. We are affiliated with over 90 schools nationwide to help you with job placement and refresher courses for life.

Orange Bartending School is guaranteeing jobs. We guarantee jobs in Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County. We also have a glowing 90% rate of job placement nationwide.

If you choose a bartending school why not choose a bartending school near Anaheim that guarantees you jobs or your money back? We have more job connections because we have been running bartending schools in Southern California for several decades. We are gaining more connections on a daily basis because we have a full team of people working on staffing places that need bartenders. We staff clubs, stadiums, bars, amphitheaters, restaurants and public events throughout Southern California.

Why Orange Bartending School?

A few reasons to pick our school: Orange Bartending School has a real bar with real equipment and most people cannot tell the difference between our bartending school and a real bar. It is kind of funny, every once in a while someone will walk through the doors in Orange and sit down at the bar and order a drink. Of course we are not allowed to serve that person but its a great example of the facility we use for your bartending classes.

Learning with the equipment you will be using at your first job is an absolute necessity.

Owners and Managers

Owners and Managers might hire a graduate ONE TIME from a bartending school with sub standard equipment. The owner or manager will not hire from that school ever again. We have speed guns, real ice, a real bar, real glassware, real bottles, real pour spouts, sinks, jockey boxes, and most of all a FULLY stocked bar. Our instructors are all bartenders too.

In bartending class you must use the exact equipment you are going to use at your first bartending job so you will be fast and efficient. This is extremely important to anyone hiring you for a bartending position.

Efficiency Increases Bar Sales

Efficiency increases bar sales in the time of a rush. When the patrons start walking through the door quickly, you must be organized, efficient, and fast. This is what Orange Bartending School teaches each and every student. The more you sell the more profit you make for your employer. The more you sell, the BETTER THE TIPS. The more you sell, customers will be happy and that keeps the customers coming back.

Come in an check us out. Our staff is the coolest and we have a great time at the school. We train our graduates to run bars in a high-volume environment. Come and see for yourself :))