Bartending School in Santa Ana

Santa Ana Bartending School

Bartending School in Santa Ana

Orange Bartending School is the closest bartending school to Santa Ana. We are very close to Santa Ana and located off the 55 and Chapman. Currently, there is no bartending school in Santa Ana.

Santa Ana has grown to be a great city over the years. Previously there was a bartending school in Santa Ana but the owner decided to move the school to another city. Orange Bartending School has been in the same location for over 3 decades.

Why Go to Orange Bartending School

Our bartending school has one thing others do not, WE GUARANTEE JOBS!!! The new owner took this school over in the middle of March, 2016. The owner is very seasoned as a bartender, a businessperson, and a bartending school owner. Before he took this school over in March, he was (and still is) running another bartending school in Southern California that is the most successful school in the nation regarding job placement. Orange County, you are guaranteed jobs or the owner will write you a check for the full amount you paid to attend the school.

What is the Guarantee?

You may ask, what is the guarantee? The guarantee is Orange Bartending School offers you bartending jobs shortly after graduation (within a week or two) or we will refund you your money. The guarantee applies to jobs in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire. We also have nationwide Job Placement Assistance at a 96% rate of success.

Santa Ana | Bartending School

If you live in Santa Ana and you plan on attending bartending school please come and visit with us. We offer a free tour of the school. Our staff is really friendly and so are our students. The best part of our school is it is a real bar. All of our equipment is the same exact equipment you will be using when you are working at your first bartending job.

The owner of the school does all of the job placement with you personally so you know you are being served well. Our goal is to help you thrive in this industry so you tell all of your friends about us. We always get excited when we find a business that treats us well and does the right thing! We know you will be excited about us. We are open 6 days a week, feel free to visit with us anytime you want, no appointment necessary.