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historically contain a bit of controversy. Orange Bartending School feels we should educate our prospective students. Nearly all bartending schools in the United States are teaching a 40-hour bartending course. The reality of the situation is relatively clear. In 1975 it would be fair to say 40-hours of bartending class would be sufficient. Times have changed and bartenders must have the knowledge to run the bar.

100-Hours of Training

Now, bartenders are required to pour drinks that are a bit more complicated but they taste much better too! So 100-hours of training is necessary for an owner or a manager to trust you will do your job well and make them a profit. Reputable bartending schools will certify you in bartending nationwide. The school will also teach you point of sale systems, beer pouring, wine pairing, and make sure you are certified in an alcohol awareness program recognized nationwide.

Job Placement

In addition to the above mentioned things, the school should have a very seasoned job placement director. We recommend a job placement director with at least 10 years of experience. Job placement should be done one-on-one with the director. Further, the director should help you build a perfect resume that is industry specific and proven to work well. Additionally, the director should teach you how to interview extremely well.

State of California

In 2007, the State of California changed the policy governing vocational schools. The state actually did most “short term” schools a favor. One of the benefits of the change is any vocational school that is 300 clock hours or less, is no longer required to follow certain guidelines to change the curriculum at their school. Even more, the government does not charge every bartending school a $5500.00 dollar per year tax. Immediately, we passed the savings on to the students. It makes bartending school much more affordable.

Huge Success

When the State of California lightened up on bartending schools the owner of Riverside Bartending School (National Bartenders School of Riverside) decided to increase the curriculum. The enhanced curriculum is a HUGE SUCCESS. We really teach students how to take command of a bar! High-volume bartending is the necessary skill for your success. The owner of Riverside did so well he ended up buying the Orange National Bartenders School and revamping the whole school to Guarantee Bartending Jobs!

Money Back Guarantee

Orange Bartending School is now the first and only bartending school in the nation to guarantee jobs! If we do not offer you a bartending job within 14 days of your job placement appointment we will refund your money immediately. Finally, a bartending school with a money back guarantee so you as the consumer may rest assured we are legitimate and hard working people.

Come and visit us any time we are open. The atmosphere in the school is casual and we are always happy to see new people interested in bartending.