Bartending in the United States is a recession proof career. When people are happy or sad there is something they have in common, they like to go out and have some fun. Bartending jobs are growing 10% faster than expected!!! Manufacturing jobs in the United States have fallen tremendously. The “service industry” is growing and we believe it is going to become the foundation of the workforce in our country.

One of the many reasons bartending is so popular is the ability to work nearly any hours you wish. For example, many bartenders at casinos are able to work a graveyard shift. Yes, graveyard! Casinos hire from us and sometimes our graduate wants to work graveyard. The fact is the graveyard shift can be lucrative. One of the casinos schedules graveyard bartenders from midnight to 9 AM. The first couple of hours of a graveyard shift the bartender is serving alcohol as fast as they possibly can. from 2 AM to 6 AM they are literally serving sodas and coffee. After 6 AM graveyard bartenders are able to start serving alcohol again.

Bartending is so flexible that many jobs will let you call in when you want to work. Who would think that? If you work a full time job and you only want to work when you feel like it, bartending could be for you. For example, you may want to work a major auto show, Coachella, or a sports event. We are going to help you reach your goals in whatever way it works for you.

Bartending Schools

Bartending schools can be a great way for people to land the jobs they want. Orange Bartending School is a guaranteed way to land the job you want. Our owner helps you get your first job as a bartender and he does not stop working with you until you are completely happy and doing well in the industry. Even after that he is still available just in case you need anything. We have had people join the school, serve in the military for 20 years, come back, and we retrain them for free because of our lifetime membership. The 90 affiliate bartending schools nationwide are also there for each graduate to use for life. The guarantee for work is only at the Orange County Location at the moment but we are hopeful it spreads to every bartending school across the United States.

Bartenders Hourly Wage

Bartenders make an hourly wage plus tips.

The average person graduating from our Bartending School makes $180.00 in tips for a 6-hour shift. If you combine the tips with the hourly wage that is $240.00 per shift. As an hourly earning figure it is stated as $40.00 per hour.

What other trade school can you find that is a mere few hundred dollars for training and you are able to make $40.00 and hour the week after graduating. Sure some people make less and some people make way more but the averages are there.

bartending jobs for happy bartending school grads

Most graduates of our Bartending Classes earn more than college graduates at entry-level jobs.

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